Wednesday, Jun 26th, 2013


Early last year, I have started contributing to the Cafe Slobbie Magazine in Seoul as  their Hong Kong Correspondent, here’s one of my articles:


Accidental Family Reunion French Toast

Being a former British colony, HK-styled French toast is a common breakfast or afternoon tea item in HK cafe menus, it is always a treat to have French toast at home, as it takes a bit of preparation and muscle power if you don’t have a hand-held mixer at home. HK-styled French toast is definitely a nostalgic food for people who have been oversea for awhile.

Last week, my grandma (popo, my mom’s side, the one with the bye bye meat), had a major stroke, my family members from three different continents flew back to see her and we had an accidental family reunion. Even though the family reunion took place by a hospital bed, but I am sure that the positive energy that we brought made her survive the stroke.

With 8 people living in an apartment, my uncle assigned himself as the official personal chef serving breakfast and dinner. He has been working in the kitchen ever since he moved to Austrailia in the 90s, and in recent years he has started working at busy take away places in Sydney serving up nostalgic HK styled breakfast items like pineapple buns, toasted sandwiches and hot milk tea.

In this accidental family reunion, my younger brother finally got a chance to have some bonding time with my Australian uncle through a French toast cooking morning. This is one of my brother’s favourite food and he was more than happy to help and learn from my uncle. With a handful of people to feed, they collaborated to making one French toast after another. After meeting each other again for 20+ years, my brother got along with my uncle so well that it feels like they had always spent time together and cooking for the girls in the family while they sleep in….

Here’s the recipe: (for 8 people)

- 6 eggs (separate egg whites and egg yolks, whisk egg white with love till you see soft peaks), by separating the eggs, you get a fluffier crust and the toast will taste lighter instead of having a heavy eggy taste.

- 16 slices of white bread
- home-made strawberry jam

- butter (Australian)
- ground cinnamon
- honey

Heat some sunflower oil with medium heat in a frying pan. Take two slices of bread, spread with some homemade strawberry jam, and make it into a sandwich then dip in egg yolk and then dip in fluffy egg white. Place the sandwich onto the pan slowly, pan fry both sides until golden brown. Sprinkle with some ground cinnamon. Serve with some Australian butter (or any nice butter) and a drizzle of honey or syrup with a nice cup of black tea.