Wednesday, Mar 30th, 2011


One of my very first food memories was with my pseudo-grandpa. He was a chicken farmer, that means he will always reserve the best part of the chicken for me. I will get a freshly butchered steamed chicken drumstick and soy sauce all to myself. I always eat it with my hands just holding the end of the joint. As I bite into it I can see the yellow fat dripping onto the plate. The meat has a firm texture that yields to the teeth and the fragrant of chicken meat is there in every bite.

When I moved to Vancouver, I will think of this scene of him and these chicken thighs whenever I miss Hong Kong. They are almost synonymous with one another. Sometimes, I wonder why the memories of meals and the taste of food have such vivid imprints in my head. When I first arrived in Vancouver, that was how I used to connect with my past life in Hong Kong and bringing these memories to life. I remember through taste as a child and I still do. Taste and food just has a way to transport me back into another country, another time and another mindset.

Thank you for sharing many many delicious meals with me and showing me that great food like everything else in life is best when it is shared. I will miss you greatly but I know you have found peace in another world.

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  1. i’ve never seen this pic before!
    soo cute!^^

    justy — June 15th, 2011, 12:59 pm