I am an eating concept designer. I tell stories through the medium of food because food has the ability to touch on all your senses and transport you to another space, another time and location in an indescribable way.

My university years in Communications and Sociology were filled with exploratory projects in genetically modified foods, biopharmed food and bottled water brand comparison research. After university, I dived into the crazy world of catering world to combine by passion for food and event planning for two years after my university working in Vancouver and Beijing.

After enrolling in a multimedia design program, I found great pleasure in creating conceptual design work with food. To explore this interdisciplinary field, I worked as an eating design intern with a Dutch eating designer, Marjie Vogelzang exploring the possibilities in food concept based installation art, catering, restaurant concepts and products.

Feel free to check out my works page to see my latest projects or see how I eat my heart out on my blog.

Here is my CV

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