Wednesday, Dec 22nd, 2010


Goodbye to days of getting lost, not knowing a movie’s name, stuck with no camera and days where I can answer a phone call without looking decent – it was inevitable thanks to my dad!

I have to admit that iPhone has made it very convenient for me and my brother, Henry to make each other hungry and crave food at unearthly hours in different cities.

Here is a typical chat with him:

Me: Hey, look at the roasted suckling pig we had tonight!

Henry: I am hungry already!

Me: Here’s the sunburnt pig
Henry: Haha stop!
Me: Are you studying for your exams?
Henry: You bet, you better stop distracting me with that delicious food
Me: I am just “sharing”

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  1. Since when did pigs have full brazilian’s?

    oscar — February 1st, 2011, 12:46 pm