Monday, Jan 09th, 2012


Welcome to the land of colourful of shop houses, colourful plastic serving plates, endless hawker centers. A blend of influences from Chinese, Malaysian and Indian cuisine…old Chinese cafe reminds of movie scenes from Hong Kong in the 60s or 70s. Old Mandarin songs playing, old-style stroke like Chinese food signs, paper packaging…very nostalgic indeed. Malaysian styled breakfast with freshly made Roti prata made with egg and dried mutton, Chiu Chow pork organ soup noodles for lunch and Indian naan and dahl for dinner. Indian breakfast with rava dosa and masala tea, Hainese chicken rice for lunch and Turkish dinner. Repeat. Little India, Chinatown, Arab Street…just like Main Street, Chinatown, Surrey in Vancouver.

I wonder if Vancouver’s multicultural scene will melt into something like Singapore one day maybe in 50 years…?

One of the sketches from the Urban Sketchers’ exhibition, curry fish at a Hawker Center. Inspired me to sketch a couple of Hawker Center stalls….a great way to experience the setting and take a break from eating until hitting up another stall.