Tuesday, Jul 12th, 2011


I think I can officially say that nothing can stop me from cooking, not even a two inch blister on my right hand. I somehow touched the steam of the Chinese medicine pot while smashing peas for a dip and so that’s how my right hand went out of commission. Essentially, I burnt my finger making a simple pea dip. The blister did not show up until the next morning, it was quite cute looking exactly like a gummy candy until it was “deflated” by a nurse and antibacterial gel went on the wound. That was when I realized blacking out is actually a defense mechanism for animals to “play dead” and not a near death experience.

I have realized a few things cooking with one hand for the past week:
1) Meals are best assembled only like couscous salad or sandwich boards, as the heat from cooking makes the wound not so happy
2) With the help of others, crepe cravings can still be satisfied, like the crepe party at my house – managing what others can help cut, wash, crack, whisk and with minimum assistance of my injured hand, I can make crepes
3) There is an advantage to eating only with one hand, as the other injured hand is left clean to focus on switching TV channels
4) According to my Chinese herbal doctor, eating eggs, goose meat, seafood and spicy food is not allowed with a wound like mine.