Tuesday, Nov 09th, 2010

Butter & Chicken Breasts

At one point of my life, I tried to substitute any “fatty” ingredients or cooking methods into healthier ones like making oven-fried chickens with cornmeal and pre-panfrying it and then finishing the rest of the cooking in the oven, using milk instead of cream in traditional cream sauce recipes like spaghetti carbonara and one of the biggest change I did was using sunflower oil instead of butter in baking, I would make “low-fat” muffins, banana breads, cupcakes..etc – all these modifications started because I wanted someone special to me to enjoy all these tasty food without creating unneeded calories for the belly.

I think there’s no doubt that eating food brings back memory but in this case, cooking/baking brings back even more memories. I once said to my cousin who prefers chicken wings/thigh meat that if you are willing to cook and eat chicken breasts for your other half, you have already given a lot to this relationship. My cousin later told me that after 10 years of cooking chicken breasts, she has only been happy with the results once and the rest of the time it’s on the dry side. I really don’t think it’s her cooking I think it’s just the meat. At one point I said to her in the midst of her emotional downturn with her boyfriend that at least she can have chicken wings from now on, but things worked out and she is happily cooking chicken breasts again and hopefully for many years to come.

I don’t need to bake with sunflower oil anymore but sometimes changes turn into habits and habits turn into the norm and the norm becomes a part of who you are. I guess there will always be a piece of banana bread made with sunflower oil in me, but maybe I will just splurge a little now and spread some warm butter on it.