Friday, Sep 09th, 2011


In preparing for my workshop in Korea, I have decided I am very much like a salmon. I have always thought I was more like a migratory bird but salmon is more fitting. Yes, salmon because they always migrate back to their birth place (in my case it is not for spawning reasons) but nonetheless there is this “force” pulling me back to this city. The luxury of seeing my grandmas or family relatives a bus ride away, the Chinese New Years dinners, wedding dinners and family gatherings….these I would say are amongst the “forces”.

It dawned on me that all the items that I felt was “home cooking” were all Chinese. I love the smell and taste of apple pies, pasta, pizza, burgers, croissants…etc but it just doesn’t quite make the list for “home-cooking”. I have always ask friends and new people I meet at parties on what kind of food reminds them of home and their answers vary from apple pies to soy sauce chicken, fermented sweet soy bean paste stewed in chicken and potato, eggplant with minced meat filling, dumplings to curry chicken. All the answers I got were all reflections of the culture/country their parents/grandparents belong in or came from.

For someone like me who has always questioned whether I am Chinese or Canadian or a little bit of both, maybe all you have to do sometimes is ask yourself what kind of food reminds you of “home” and you know where “home” is? Or maybe ultimately home is wherever you decide to cook these nostalgic home recipes/foods for closed friends around you…

If you are in Korea on September 17th, I would love to see you at the workshop, I will be creating a culinary representation of my nostalgic family album through stories and family recipes!

Location: Cafe Slobbie, Seoul
Date: September 17th
Time: 16:00 – 19:00
Contact: RSVP through
Website: Cafe Slobbie Facebook Event Page

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  1. lovely story Veronica. Good luck in Seoul!

    Marije Vogelzang — September 9th, 2011, 5:05 pm
  2. Dear Veronica
    Wish you lots of luck!
    With Love

    Sisi and Frank — September 16th, 2011, 11:58 pm