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I have come to the conclusion that when life serves me lemons, I should make lemonade and lemon tarts with them. I realize that one of the important lessons in life is to balance what you have now and where you want to be. How to enjoy and make use of the resources you have now and also plan for the future. I find myself trying to gather and think of making the “lemon tarts” in my life and forgetting that in the meantime, I can still use those lemons and fix myself a jug of refreshing lemonade with some mint and syrup.

I guess this is probably a reinterpretation of a quote from my all time favourite book, The Alchemist:

“The Secret of Happiness lies in looking at all the wonders of the world and never forgetting the two drops of oil in the spoon.”

(This is the only oil related photo I could find on my computer, I know it’s more than two drops of oil but I love and miss the random experiments at Proef!)

Casual Encounter at The Fisherman’s Wharf

I was searching for my beloved fresh sea urchin at the Steveston Fisherman’s Wharf today but had no luck. Instead, I found myself checking out the boats selling fishes like salmon and tuna and rock fish. I ended up talking with a fisherman who happened to be at the Wharf because the weather was getting really rough in Port Hardy where he usually fishes. Read more

Slowing down is going forward

After presenting my ideas for the “HIT + RUN” event to my teacher Vjeko, I decided to slow down. To slow down to let all the research, my mind, the important details settle like resting your bottle of carbonated drink after shaking it, knowing that it will foam up if you open it too soon. It is Monday morning and I realized the power of slowness (yes there is power to slowness, the turtle won the rabbit in the race afterall!). I also realized the power of connecting with likeminded friends.

I took a break in preparing for this event this weekend and “slowly” through a facebook link share with my Pisces friend in Amsterdam, I discovered these website which have a direct impact on my presentation. These websites are Slow Lab, Love & Thrift blog posts on “slow” and best of all, the presentation of Slow Textile by Dr Emma Neuberg who started the Slow Textile movement like the Slow Food movement to think about what happens to fabric/clothes at the end of their life cycle and the fast-paced fashion/textile environment.

Like slowing down is going forward, sometimes looking away from food is actually going back to food if you know what I mean.